Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guldbagge Awards 2016, Congratulations to all the winners

Last night 18 januari, It was the Guldbagge Awards 2016 at Cirkus in Stockholm. Many actress, actors and guests attended the most important event in the Swedish Film Industry.
The movie Drifters received five awards, The Here After and Flocking got three awards each. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 was to the actress Birgitta Andersson. The Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 is an individual prize that the Swedish Film Institute give to a person who has made a wonderful work and contributed to the Swedish cinematography, 
Best Actress in a Leading Role, Malin Levanon for her role as Minna in Drifters
Best Actor in a Leading Role,  Rolf Lassgård for his role as Ove in A man called Ove
Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Eva Melander for her role as Susanne in Flocking
Best Actor in a Supporting Role,  Mats Blomgren for his role as Martin in The Here After
Best film The Here After, Producer Madeleine Ekman & Mariusz Wlodarski
Best Director,  Magnus von Horn for The Here After
Best Screenplay,  Peter Grönlund for his script for Drifters
Best Cinematography, Gösta Reiland for his cinematography in Flocking
Best Editing, Kristofer Nordin for editing Drifters
 Best Costume, Mia Andersson for the costumes in Drifters

 Petra Mede
If you want to know more about Guldbagge Awards, you can visit the Guldbagge awards website.

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