Friday, August 29, 2014

The premiere of the film TOM AT THE FARM by Xavier Dolan

Today it is the premiere of the film TOM AT THE FARM  by Xavier Dolan in cinemas in Sweden. Xavier Dolan is  a very young film director and actor. Xavier Dolan won the Jury Prize for his film Mommy at the Cannes Film Festival in may 2014.  He is 25, he was the youngest director at the Cannes Film festival. In 2009 he made the film Killed My Mother.  We have seen him too in those movies, 2010 in the film Heartbeats, 2012 in the film Laurence Anyways and now in the film Tom at the farm (2013). 
Dolan´s new film is a psychological thriller. It is a very strong film, about the relationship between Tom and Guillaumes family. A very good film! ***** av 5

Xavier Dolan´s TOM AT THE FARM won the FIPRESCI award (International Critics Award) at the Venice International Film Festival in 2013.

Tom, a young advertising copywriter, travels to the country for a funeral. There, he's shocked to find out no one knows who he is, nor who he was to the deceased, whose brother soon sets the rules of a twisted game. In order to protect the family's name and grieving mother, Tom now has to play the peacekeeper in a household whose obscure past bodes even greater darkness for his "trip" to the farm.

Photos of  Xavier Dolan when he visited The Stockholm Film Festival 2010.
Xavier Dolan
Photo Sofia Sanchez

Thursday, August 28, 2014

La Soirée, A wonderful gala premiere show in Stockholm

This evening was the time to meet La Soirée´s fantastic artists during the gala premiere at Tyrol in Stockholm. Many guests attended this event. La Soirée has a modern performance, a wonderful and inventiv show. It is a mix of burlesque and circus. The performance has many acts, as acrobacy, etc.

La Soirée will presented their show in different cities in Sweden. La Soirée was in Stockholm 2011. And now they are back to the capital of Sweden. The first show will be presented on september 18th at Tyrol in Gröna Lund, Stockholm. You can´t miss this fabulous show of  La Soirée. La Soirée has journeyed in Europe, USA and Australia.

La Soirée
Photo Sofia Sanchez
The gala premiere was organized by Tyrol, Södra Teater and ZAP Events. It was a wonderful gala premier.

Link to La Soirèe and Södra Teatern

From La Soirèe website 
"LA SOIRÉE is a theatrical phenomenon that's won devotees around the world. Now you can discover the decadent and downright dangerous show that Entertainment Weekly calls "a mesmerizing hybrid of sideshow, vaudeville & burlesque" and Flavorpill says is, "definitely not for kids but oh so much fun for adults." Come one, come all and come often to the delicious, deviant and delirious LA SOIRÉE."

More photos from the gala premiere

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Colin Nutley y Helena Bergström en la premier de la película Medicina

El director inglés Colin Nutley, muy reconocido en el mundo de la cinematografia y que trabaja en Suecia desde hace años asisitió el 25 de agosto a la premier de gala de su última película Medicina que tendrá su estreno en los cinemas suecos el día 29 de agosto.
 Colin Nutley
Photo Sofia Sanchez
La guapa y excelente actriz Helena Bergström, que personifica a Johanna en la película, acudió a la noche de gala que se realizó en el cinema Saga en la ciudad de Estocolmo.
Helena Bergström
 Photo Sofia Sanchez
La actriz se veía muy guapa y se mostró muy sonriente mientras posaba para las cámaras en el desfile de la alfombra roja. Helena Bergström, es un actriz que la hemos visto en varias películas del director  Colin Nutley,  entre ellas Bajo el sol, candidata al Oscar a la mejor película de habla no inglesa en 1999.

Durante la noche de gala , también asistieron los demas actores y actrices de la película Medicina e invitados especiales del mundo de la cinematografia sueca.  
El evento estuvo a cargo de Zap Events (  Fue una noche estupenda con muchos invitados que disfrutaron de aperitivos antes de mostrarse la película.

Sinopsis de Medicina
Johanna no es bien tratada por su jefe de la revista de moda Dolce Vita, en la cual Johanna ha trabajado por mucho tiempo. Ella siempre tiene problemas de dinero. Su ex esposo ha encontrado a una nueva chica que es joven y bonita. La vida sexual de Johanna es igual a zero. Johanna necesita un descanso, hacer un viaje al sol junto con sus dos hijos, pero es el dinero quien la atraza. Ella, por conseguir dinero entra a un proyecto para probar una nueva medicina. El resultado de la medicina, la transforma de la noche a la mañana. Es otra mujer, se despiertan sus deseos sexuales. su apariencia, es mas directa, etc. La vida es maravillosa, pero....Cuánto tiempo la medicina será suficiente?

Fotos de la noche de gala



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Gala premiere of the film “Medicinen" of Colin Nutley

This evening, it was the gala premiere of the film Medicinen by  the English director Colin Nutley. 
Actresses, actors and many people who are working with the film industry in Stockholm were the guests of the elegant premiere of the Colin Nutleys film. Helena Bergström is the principal actress in the film. She looked wonderful when she walked on the red carpet tonight. The director Colin Nutley was also during the gala and he was happy while posing on the red carpet.  

Helena Bergström
Photo Sofia Sanchez

Colin Nutley
Photo Sofia Sanchez
MEDICINEN is a very good drama/comedy. The film is about Johanna (Helena Bergström) who lives alone with her two childrens because her Ex-husband left her for a young girl. Johanna works at the magazine Dolce Vita.  She needs a break, a trip to the sun with her children if she had money, but she has all the time problem with money. Her colleagues tell her about an experiement of a new medicine.
She needs extra money to travel with the kids.....
In order to get the extra money she desperately jumps as an experiment to the new medicine, but pills she may have unexpected adverse reactions. Over a night changes everything. She feels horny, stylish, and confident. Life is wonderful, but how long the pills will be enough?

It was a very good event, organized by ZAP events. (

Photos from the Gala
Maria Lundqvist(actress)
Peter Eggers(actor), Helena Bergström(actress) and Thomas Hanzon(actor)
Photo Sofia Sanchez