Wednesday, December 21, 2011

”Acoustic Underground” at St: Clara in Gamla Stan.

The last night, It was the last ”Acoustic Underground” with Brian Kramer and his guests for this year. Jon Ben Berger was the special guest for the last night. He came back after recovering from a surgery. It was a great night with Jon, Brian Kramer and other musicians as well as Fanny Holm, Chuck Anthony, the young musician Robert Hill, and others.

To be at St: Clara and listening to good music in the middle of Stockholm is a great experience for us who like good music. It was a wonderful night with great music.

Brian Kramer has this event twice every month. He has every time a special guest and several musicians. ”Acoustic underground” is a very good event in Stockholm. If you have time I recommend you to visit St: Clara to listen music with Brian Kramer and his guests.

Thank for this year Brian and all musicians!!


Por Sofía Sánchez
  Jon Ben Berger
  Brian Kramer and Jon Ben Berger
Brian Kramer, Jon Ben Berger and Chuck Anthony
Brian Kramer, Fanny Holm and Chuck Anthony
Richard Lionheart with company
"Acoustic Underground"

Photo: Sofía Sánchez


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