Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stockholm Pride has started...

The Stockholm Pride started with a special ceremony with the Pride Young at the Pride House on july 28th. It was a wonderful opening with speeches, poetry and other activities. The young people between the ages 13 and 29 years old have their own place to hang out in both places. The Pride Park Young is totally free.

Last night on wednesday july 30th, "The Historic Party" took place.  It was a wonderful opening of the Pride park. Many people visited the park. The Queen of Europe, Conchita Wurst, and Ola Salo, composer of the Pride song 2014, and many artists participated during opening.

The pride is love, friendship, solidarity and comprehension.  We are all different but the most important is to respect other people´s opinion. n, cultures, etc. Love is the most important in our life... Go to the pride and support and struggle for the right, freedon and for those who doesn´t has voice....   

At 5 pm the park was openen for the public. One37 and Stockholm Pride organised a mingle with guests from politic parties, artists, journalists and many other guests.

Kayo, is a swedish artist. She was great during the opening of Pride park.

 Ola Salo, artist, singing the official Pride anthem of 2014
Conchita Wurst

The pride continues until saturday. On saturday august 2nd will be the pride parade... Be there everybody!

Happy Pride 2014!

Mona Sahlin, swedish politician(Swedish Social Democratic Party)
Gustav Fridolin, swedis politician (Green Party)
Kajsa Bergqvist, swedis former high jumper
Peter Englund and Mia Jorpes (One37)

More Photos from the evening....

Proud Volunteers

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