Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Blues Hall of Fame 2015 - Swedish musicians have been inducted into the Blues Hall

Tonight It was a great night in Swedish Blues history when several Swedish musicans received their certificates for their work in favour of Swedish Blues. 
Bruno Xenholt who is Blues Ambassador for Sweden attended the ceremony and he presented the recognition to the musicians for their contribution to the Blues music. The ceremony was held at Stampen in Stockholm. Many musicians and guests attended the ceremony.
Here are the musicians who are inducted into the Blues Hall 2015.
Brian Kramer, Tommy Moberg, Per Angkvist, Leif Williamsson, Dan Hammerlund, Anders Mansson, Lars Näsman, (Members of Brian Kramer Band) Mats Qwarfordt, Chuck Anthony, Peter Frej, Björn Gideonsson.  
Brian Kramer who has held during many years his Blues Jam at Stampen have been now recognized as a Master of the Blues. 

Congratulations to All the musicians who has been inductet into the Blues Hall 2015!
Anders Månsson
Dan Hammerlund 
 Leif Williamsson
 Lars Näsman
Tommy Moberg
Brian Kramer
 Peter Frej
Chuck Anthony
Mats Qwarfordt
Björn Gideonsson

Photos from the evening


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