Thursday, April 4, 2013

My trip to New York, New Jersey and Nicaragua during februari-march 2013

I am back after my trip to New York and Nicaragua. I hade a wonderful time with my family, relatives and friends. I was very good to visit different places in New York. like the MoMa museum, the Central Park, etc. My time in Nicaragua was wonderful as usually...I visited the north of Nicaragua....Of course the beaches in the pacific....

Now I am in Stockholm. See you around.... Enjoy my pictures!

By Sofia Sanchez

Sofia Sanchez
This picture is from Empty Sky: New Jersey
September 11th Memorial
 Musical Annie at Broadway Theatre
Sofia Sanchez
Me and Broadway 
Sofia Sanchez
In the Central park 
Sofia Sanchez
Moma Art museum
Empty Sky: New Jersey
September 11th Memorial
Empty Sky: New Jersey
September 11th Memorial
The freedom statue
A wonderful evening! Manhattan Bridge 
Momotombo and Momotombito volcanoes
at Lake Managua
Isletas de Granada
Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua 
The road to the city Condega 
The Cathedral in Esteli
The high school students in Somoto

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