Friday, March 21, 2014

Stampen, a very good place for music lover

Stampen is a place in the old city ”Gamla Stan” in the centrum of Stockholm. It´s very easy to find the Stampen bar. It is in the street Stora Nygatan, not so far away from the metro station Gamla Stan.
Gamla Stan is a very popular place for tourist and people from Stockholm. There are many bars with live music. One of them is Stampen. 

By Sofia Sanchez
Stampen has many good musicians. This place offers all kinds of music almost every day. Every saturday, Stampen has a open Blues Jam and you can hear musicians who plays different kind of music. In this place you can find many talented musicians. I'm very impressed to see many young people who plays here. 

The new generation of Blues and Jazz in Stockholm.
 Lisa Lystam
Photo Sofia Sanchez
Robert Hill

Blues Jam started 1998 by Brian Kramer, an american musician from New York. After 15 years the Blues Jam continues in Stampen. Every saturday beetween 2-6 pm you can enjoy the Swedish, as well as many other countries, musicians. Free admission. 
Brian Kramer
Photo Sofia Sanchez
 Corey Harris
Photo Sofia Sanchez
Brian Kramer & Corey Harris
Stampen is a very good meeting place for musicians and music lovers. Stampen offers shows from monday to saturday. Enjoy this place when you visit Stockholm. Here there is some pictures from Blues Jam and other shows at Stampen.

 Blues jam at Stampen
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