Thursday, May 14, 2015

News from Europe and LA are back after a three months break

News from Europe and LA have had a very busy week in Stockholm. This week has been with many activities. The week began with the screening of the movie SPY at cinema Scandia. This evening was organized by Wonderland Event. Many people attended the event. After the screening of the movie the organizers invited to dinner and bowling at Marion´s Gastro diner.
The film SPY is a very good and funny movie. The film premiere at the cinema in Sweden is on jun 5th.  You must see it. Thanks to organizers.
The gala premiere of SPY
Long live the movie!
Tuesday maj 12, it was the day for a new premiere of the movie Mamma (1982) at Cinema Victor at Film Institute in Stockholm. The film Mamma was the debut movie of the director Suzanne Osten. The evening was held at Film Institute in Stockholm. The activity was organized by Cinemateca and Studio S Entertainment. After the screening of the movie, Jan Göransson, Head of press of the institute had at conversation with the director Suzanne Osten. It was a fantastic evening. Before of screening of Mamma, they showed Gerd Osten's experimental short film "Young woman" Now you can buy the dvd that contains movies by Suzanne Osten at Studio S Entertainment.
In the Mood for Doyle
This wednesday Christopher Doyle visited the Swedish Film Institute. He talked about his film work. Doyle is a cinematographer, actor and director. He has won more than 50 awards, including Cannes and Venice. He has worked with directors like Mark Cousins, John Rench and Wong Kar-wai. It was a very interesting presentation about his work. This event was arranged by Swedish Film Institute, Migma Film Ab, Stockholms dramatiska Högskola, Filmregion Mälardalen and Förening Sveriges Filmfotografer. This activity was held at Cinema Victor at Film Institute.
Spring is still in Stockholm. It is so nice with so many beautiful flowers in the park and everyplace you visit. Summer is coming soon!!!!!!! 
News from Europe and Latin America will continue to informate you about events and presskonferens in Stockholm. We are very happy that you continue to follow us. Thanks from the Editorial team!.  
 Sofia Sanchez
Editor News from Europe and LA

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