Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Documentary movie RED FOREST HOTEL by Mika Koskinen

By Sofia Sanchez

The film is about a Finnish photographer who travels to China to make a film about the ”new green politics”. Finish-Swedish company Stora Enso is planting eucalyptus trees for a pulp and paper factory. The eucalyptus trees in not good for the nature. The farmers can´t plant anything. They have problem with the water contamination in the regionen. A film about the farmers struggle for their earth. The filmmaker tries to talk with the farmers in the affected region in Southern China, but he meets only difficulty because the government protects the company reputation. It is not easy for the filmmaker to talk with the people whom he wanted to interview because they are arrested or are in ”Holidays”.

The movie was selected for IDFA Competition for Green Screen Documentary 2011.

Director: Mika Koskinen
Cinematography: Mika Mattila
Sound: Janne Laine
Narration: Mika Koskinen
Narrator: Jason Marshall
Production: Mika Koskinen, Risto Ram
Country: Finland, China
Languages: Chinese, english, Finnish
Subtitles: English

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