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The 23rd Edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival

Today the program for The 23rd Edition of the Stockholm International Film Festival (7-18 November) was presented during a Press Conference at Berns Hotel.

Photos; Sofia Sanchez

The Festival Director Git Scheynius and Program Manager George Ivanov presented the program for this year´s Stockholm Film Festival. The program includes more than 170 movies from more of 50 countries. The Festival Director said;

"This year's program is perhaps our most daring to date in which the filmmakers take greater risks than ever. The Festival strives to find the best quality films from around the world. Remarkably this year is that a third of the films in our program was made by a female director".

The Festival opening film is the thriller Call Girl by Mikael Marcim.

George Ivanov and Git Scheynius
Victor Stjerne and Lisa Evertsson Norrevik
     Press Secretary             Head of Press Department
Pictures from the Press conference
Jan Troell, (born 23 July 1931) is a Swedish Film director. Troell, 81 years old. He has produced movies, documentaries.  He will receive the award at a Stockholm ceremony during the film festival in november 10 at 5:00 p.m. Troell made the movies The Emigrants (1972) and The New Land (1972). The Emigrants was nominated for the Academy Awards. Jan Troell made also documentaries movies; Land of Dreams (1988) and A Frozen Dream (1997).
The Emigrants In the middle of the 19th century, Kristina and Karl-Oskar live in a small rural village in Småland, in the south of Sweden). They get married and try to make a living on a small spot of land. However, the small size of their land, the infertile soil, and some bad harvests makes it very difficult for them. One of their children even starve to death. They decide to emigrate to the U.S and The movie The New Land is a movie based of two novels The Emigrants Suite and The Settlers by Vilhelm Moberg, en svensk förtattare, dramatiker and journalist. Han was
Jacques Audiard  is a French  film director. 
Willem Dafoe (born July 22, 1955) is an american film, stage and voice actor. He has been in the following movies:
Born on the Fourth of July, The English Patient, The Last Temptation of Christ, Mississippi Burning, Spider-Man, The Aviator, etc and he has haft voice roles in Fantastic Mr. Fox and Finding Nemo.
Lisa Evertsson Norrevik 
Victor Stjerne
Git Scheynius and George Ivanov
The affisch for the Festival
Stockholm XXIII Competition
The Festival's competition is open to filmmakers who have not made more than three feature films. This year 20 films compete for the prestigious Bronze Horse, which is awarded the best film.
90 Minutes by Eva Sørhaug (Norway)
After Lucia by Michel Franco (Mexico, France)
Augustine by Alice Winocour (France)
Broken by Rufus Norris (UK)
Beasts of the Southern Wild by Ben Zeitlin (USA)
Bekas by Karzan Kader (Sweden, Finland, Iraq)
Beyond the Walls by David Lambert (Belgium, France, Canada)
Call Girl by Mikael Marcimain (Sweden)
Compliance by Craig Zobel (USA)
Hassel – Privatspanarna by Måns Månsson (Sweden)
Killing Them Softly by Andrew Dominik (USA)
Lore by Cate Shortland (Germany, Australia, UK)
Lotus by Liu Shu (Kina)
Middle of Nowhere by Ava Duvernay (USA)
My Brother the Devil by Sally El Hosaini (UK)
Sister by Ursula Meier (France, Switzerland)
Tabu by Miguel Gomes (Portugal, Germany, Brazil, France,
The Color of the Chameleon by Emil Chistov (Bulgaria)
Una Noche by Lucy Molloy (Cuba, UK, USA)
Wish You Were Here by Kieran Darcy-Smith (Australia)

Latin Visions
This is a list of the best movies from Latin America

7 Boxes by Juan Carlos Maneglia, Tana Schémbori (Paraguay)
Father's Chair by Luciano Moura (Brazil)
Field of Amapolas by Juan Carlos Melo Guevara (Colombia)
Good Luck, Sweetheart by Daniel Aragão (Brazil)
Here and There by Antonio Mende Esparsa (Spain)
La Playa DC by Juan Andrés Arango Garcia (Colombia, Brazil, France)
She doesn't Want to Sleep Alone by Natalia Beristáin (Mexico)
Six Points About Emma by Roberto Pérez Toledo (Spain)
Xingu by Cao Hamburger (Brazil)
Tres by Pablo Stoll Ward (Uruguay)
Violeta Went to Heaven by Andrés Wood (Chile, Argentina, Brazil)
Young & Wild by Marialy Rivas (Chile)

More information about the festival you can find in the Stockholm film Festival´s website:


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