Monday, June 29, 2015

Channeling with Lady Nada - Natalija Pavlakovic

The channeling led by Natalija Pavlakovic from Croatia. She made an introduction about channeling. She led the channeling with a very soft voice, but in the same time very strong. It was a very special time. A great moment for the participants to listen Lady Nada´s voice and feel her energy.  A very releasing time.
Before channeling Christine Engström had a meditation moment and Riitta Rönkkö showed Aura-Soma -colours world. This event was held at Tullgårsgatan 36 in Stockholm on june 27.

If you want to know more about channeling you can get more information in this site
 Natalija Pavlakovic
Christine Engström
Natalija Pavlakovic and Riitta Rönkkö  
Christine Engström, Silvi Kraning Olsson
Natalija Pavlakovic and Riitta Rönkkö
Sofia Sanchez and Riitta Rönkkö

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