Monday, August 15, 2016

The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Peter Jöback in concert.

Yesterday, on the 14th of August, it was the DN Open-air concert. Every year the news papper Dagens Nyheter (DN) has a free admission concert outside the Maritime Museum. This year the singer Peter Jöback performed at the concert. He sang, among others, the song ”Jag såg mig redan där” (”Je m'voyais déjà) and ”Stockholm in the night”. The singer was accompanied by the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. 
Peter Jöback is a Swedish singer and musical artist. He is known in several countries. He has performed in New York, London, Tokyo and Sweden, among other countries. 
Before the concert, Stefan Forsberg, Director of Concert Hall in Stockholm, made an introduction of the programe.
The host was Kattis Ahlström, Swedish journalist and TV presenter. The dirigent of the orchestra was the fantastic young dirigent Karina Canellakis. The Orchestra played classical music by Hugo Alfén, Debussey and Tjajkovski.

Many people came early to Maritime Museum and stayed there for hours in wait for the concert. The weather changed throughout the day but it was no problem for the people to sit on the grass with their picnic basket and enjoy the music. People of all ages came to listen, and activities were set up for the children to enjoy.It was a great day with great music and a fantastic audience.

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