Monday, August 25, 2014

The Gala premiere of the film “Medicinen" of Colin Nutley

This evening, it was the gala premiere of the film Medicinen by  the English director Colin Nutley. 
Actresses, actors and many people who are working with the film industry in Stockholm were the guests of the elegant premiere of the Colin Nutleys film. Helena Bergström is the principal actress in the film. She looked wonderful when she walked on the red carpet tonight. The director Colin Nutley was also during the gala and he was happy while posing on the red carpet.  

Helena Bergström
Photo Sofia Sanchez

Colin Nutley
Photo Sofia Sanchez
MEDICINEN is a very good drama/comedy. The film is about Johanna (Helena Bergström) who lives alone with her two childrens because her Ex-husband left her for a young girl. Johanna works at the magazine Dolce Vita.  She needs a break, a trip to the sun with her children if she had money, but she has all the time problem with money. Her colleagues tell her about an experiement of a new medicine.
She needs extra money to travel with the kids.....
In order to get the extra money she desperately jumps as an experiment to the new medicine, but pills she may have unexpected adverse reactions. Over a night changes everything. She feels horny, stylish, and confident. Life is wonderful, but how long the pills will be enough?

It was a very good event, organized by ZAP events. (

Photos from the Gala
Maria Lundqvist(actress)
Peter Eggers(actor), Helena Bergström(actress) and Thomas Hanzon(actor)
Photo Sofia Sanchez

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