Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael Nyqvist attended the premiere of "My So-Called Father"

Actor Michael Nyqvist attended the premiere of the film "My So-Called Father" at Cinema Rigoletto. Michael Nyqvist arrived to cinema Rigoletto with the actress Vera Vitali . The film "My So-Called Father", is a film by the swedish director Ulf Malmros. The film will have premiere in Swedish cinemas on september 19th. Many people attended the premiere to see the film "My So-Called Father".
This premiere arranged by Subito and Disney Sverige.

By Sofia Sanchez
Actor Michael Nyqvist
Photo Sofia Sanchez
Mychael Nyqvist 
Photo Sofia Sanchez

A Happy! Mychael Nyqvist and Vera Vitali (actress)

Some photos of the people who attended the premiere 
Börje Salming and his company
Magnus Rongedahl och Henrik Rongedahl
 Anna Book
Kicken and Sigrid Bernson
Steffo Törnquist and his wife
Felicen Jankell and Annika Jankell
Robyn attended also the premiere
Lisa Werlinder
Pernilla August arriving to Rigoletto
Pernilla August with company
Cecilia Dahlbom, Peter Englund och Susie Päivärinta
Ellen fjaestad and Marita Hammervold

Michael Nyqvist, Marita Hammervold, Vera Vitali and Daniel Lindroth

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