Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rising Star Award Nominees 2014 visited Stockholm Film Festival office at Kungsträdgården

This afternoon four of six nominated for the Rising Star Award at Stockholm International Film Festival visited the festivals office at Kungsträdgården. They told about their work as actresses and actors, their work on movies, future plans and their opinions about the Film Festival.
Saga Becker (Something Must Break)
Saga Becker is a swedish actress. She is actress in the the film Something Must Break (2014) by director Ester Martin Bergsmark. The film is A love story between two young men where one is the androgynous Sebastian and one is Andreas who is not gay. They form a unity. It's them against the polished Swedish Ikea-society. They dream about escaping boredom and the risk of becoming what everyone else is. And then there is Ellie - the superwoman growing inside of Sebastian who Andreas loves and fears. 

Félice Jankell (Young Sophie Bell)
Felice Jankell is a swedish actress, known for Percy, Buffalo bill and I (2005), Från djupet av mitt hjärta (2014) and Unga Sophie Bell (2014).
The film Unga Sophie Bell by the director Amanda Adolfsson. After highschool graduation, life is finally going to begin for real. At least that’s howbest friends Sophie and Alice feel about the upcoming move to Berlin. But theirplans are crushed when Alice disappears in Berlin under unclear conditions.Sophie ends up on a life-changing journey that will bring her a taste of theexuberant parts of life.
Saga Becker and Félice Jankell
Filip Berg (Stockholm Stories)
Stockholm Stories by the director Karin Fahlén. The film is a contemporary and humorous multi plot drama about five people whose paths cross during a few rainy days in November. Young metropolitan writer Johan, obsessing over his theory on urban light and darkness. Preppy Douglas finds himself in love with the recently dumped and currently homeless Anna. Advertising professional Jessica is denied an adoption because she lacks friends. Workaholic Thomas is distracted from his position at the cabinet minister by a randomly sent love letter. How much light do we need to see each other? And how much darkness to dare to meet? You need to unplug to connect
Filip Berg

Julia Ragnarsson (Stockholm Stories,Tillbaka till Bromma)
Julia Ragnarsson is a Swedish actress. She is knowing for the following movies Maria Larssons eviga ögonblick (2008), Tur och Retur (2003) and Stockholms Stories (2013).
Julia Ragnarsson
Photo Sofia Sanchez

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