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Stockholm Filmfestival celebrate this year – 25th Anniversary

The 25th annual Stockholm Film Festival will begin on november 5th and the festival is held until november 16th. The festival will show 180 films from more than 50 different countries. The theme of the festival is "HOPE".  There is several film with this theme: Barbarians by Ivan Ikic (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia), Desert Dancer by Richard Raymond (UK), Fair Play by Andrea Sedlácková (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany) and many more. Most of movies with the theme hope is at section Spotlight.

The opening film is "Gentleman" of the Swedish director Mikael Marcimain.
 Mikael Marcimain
Photo Sofia Sanchez
Photo from the release party
The festival does not only show movies. The festival also has seminars, Face2Face, parties and many other activities during those days the festival is held, all revolving around movies. This year the festival is dedicated to the memory of the actress Lauren Bacall. Lauren Bacall was an american actress, known for her husky voice. She was a Hollywood icon for her sultry sensuality. She passed away on august 12th, 89 years old when she died.
 Photo from Google
The Stockholm visionary Award 2014 goes to the Swedish film director Roy Andersson. He won the Golden Lion prize during the Venice film festival for the movie A pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence.  
Roy Andersson is also known for his films A Swedish Love Story and Songs from the second Floor.  The director will receive the award on november 9th at Skandia cinema. He will have a Face2Face with the audience.  

Lifetime Achievement Award 2014 goes to one of Europe’s most exceptional directors, Mike Leigh. He is an English writer and director of film and theatre. The director will visit the festival to get the award and to have a Face2Face at Skandia cinema on 8th november. After he gets the award they will be screening his film Mr Turner.
 Photo from Google
Justification: Every new Mike Leigh feature is an invitation to a glimpse into lives so fully formed and vivid with a cast of actors who portray not characters, but breathing, living people. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a filmmaker who is comfortable humanizing master artists, abortionists and people who others would shy their gaze from. Mike Leigh is a true cinematic humanist, an exceptional director of actors and a master of improvisational filmmaking. (from Stocokholm Film Festival website)

Stockholm Achievement Award 2014 goes to the American actress Uma Thurman.  Uma Thurman has been in different movies. She had her film debut in the film Daddy Goodnight (1987). She also appeared in Pulp Fiction (1994). She has been nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award.
Uma Thurman will visit the festival to receive The Prestigious Bronze Horse and she will have a Face2Face with the audience. The award ceremony and Face2Face will be at Skandia cinema.  The actress Uma Thurman will also participate in the inauguration ceremony and she will be unveiling the ice sculpture of the artist Ai Weiwei.

Xavier Dolan, director of the film Mommy will also visit the festival this year. His new film Mommy will screen on 6th november at Skandia cinema. The film Mommy won the Jury Prize in Cannes. He will have a Face2Face with the audience. Xavier Dolan was in Stockholm during the Film Festival 2010. 

 Xavier Dolan, Filmaker
Photo Sofia Sanchez
The Stockholm International Film Festival will present many movies in different categories and languages. It will present 14 movies from Latin America, including film from Brazil, those film are in cooperation with Cinema do Brasil. The director Gregorio Graziosi will visit the festival between november 8-12th.

Now the ticket office is open and you can buy the tickets at Kungsträdgården and Kulturhuset. You need to have a memberships card to buy regular tickets for 75 kronor or 50 kronor per film, but you can also buy tickets without to have a memberships card but it cost 145 or 120 kronor per film. 

Link to the Stockholm International Film Festival

Programme to the Festival

Stockholm XXV Competition

Competitive section for new and groundbreaking directors (making their first, second or third feature film).
A Girl At My Door by July Jung (South Korea, 119 min.) *First Feature Breathe by Mélanie Laurent (France, 91 min.)
Fishing Without Nets by Cutter Hodierne (USA, Kenya, Somalia, 109 min.) *First Feature
Blowfly Park by Jens Östberg (Sweden, 96 min) *First Feature
Foxcatcher by Bennett Miller (USA, 133 min.)
Gentlemen by Mikael Marcimain (Sweden, 141 min.) - invigningsfilm
Girlhood by Céline Sciamma (France, 112 min.)
Goodnight Mommy by Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala (Austria, 100 min.)
Heaven Knows What by Benny Safdie, Joshua Safdie (USA, France, 93 min.)
Jack by Edward Berger (Germany, 103 min.)
Melbourne by Nima Javidi (Iran, 93 min.) *First Feature
Name Me av Nigina Sayfullaeva (Russia, 93 min.) *First Feature
Nightcrawler by Dan Gilroy (USA, 117 min.) *First Feature
Second Coming by Debbie Tucker Green (UK, 105 min.) *First Feature
Sivas by Kaan Müjdeci (Turkey, Germany, 97 min.) *First Feature
The Goob by Guy Myhill (UK, 86 min.) *First Feature
The Keeping Room by Daniel Barber (USA, 95 min.)
The Tribe av Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy (Ukraine, 132 min.) *First Feature
These Are The Rules by Ognjen Svilicic (Croatia, France, Serbia, Macedonia, 77 min.)
Whiplash by Damien Chazelle (USA, 106 min.)

Special Presentations

A Pidgeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence by Roy Andersson (Sweden, Germany, Norway, France, 101 min.)
Mr. Turner by Mike Leigh (UK, 149 min.)
Shadowland by John Skoog (1km filmstipendiet, 14 min)
Young Sophie Bell by Amanda Adolfsson (långfilmsstipendiet, ca. 90 min.)
The Way He Looks by Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil, 95 min.)
Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée (USA, 115 min.) – Avslutningsfilm

Open Zone

The top directors in contemporary cinema compete for the FIPRESCI Prize.
Bird People by Pascale Ferran (France, 128 min.)
Birdman by Alejandro González Iñárritu (USA, 119 min.)
Mittfilm Eden by Mia Hansen-Løve (France, 131 min.)
Gemma Bovery by Anne Fontaine (France, 99 min.)
High Society by Julie Lopes Curval (France, 95 min.)
Human Capital by Paolo Virzì (France, Italy, 110 min.)
Hungry Hearts by Saverio Costanzo (Italy, 109 min.)
In the Name of My Daughter by André Téchiné (France, 116 min)
Love Is Strange by Ira Sachs (USA, 98 min.)
Manglehorn by David Gordon Green (USA, 97 min.)
Stations of the Cross by Dietrich Brüggemann (Germany, 107 min.)
Misunderstood by Asia Argento (Italy, France, 110 min.)
Mommy by Xavier Dolan (Canada, 134 min.)
Northern Soul by Elaine Constantine (UK, 102 min.) *First Feature
Tales by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad (Iran, 88 min)
The Connection by Cédric Jimenez (France, Belgium, 135 min.)
The Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum (UK, USA, 113 min.)
The New Girlfriend by François Ozon (France, 105 min.)
The Owners by Adilkhan Yerzhanov (Kazakhstan, 93 min.)
The Riot Club by Lone Scherfig (UK, 106 min.)
The Two Faces Of January by Hossein Amini (UK, USA, France, 97 min.) *First Feature
Winter Sleep by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (Turkey, France, Germany, 196 min.)

American Independents

Fresh indie films from the US
Appropriate Behavior by Desiree Akhavan (USA, UK, 82 min.) *First Feature
Before I Disappear by Shawn Christensen (USA, UK, 93 min.) *First Feature
Camp X-ray by Peter Sattler (USA, 117 min.)
Cesar Chavez by Diego Luna (USA, 101 min.)
Dear White People by Justin Simien (USA, 108 min.)
Five Star by Keith Miller (USA, 83 min)
Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter by David Zellner (USA, 105 min)
Land Ho! by Aaron Katz, Martha Stephens (USA, Iceland 96 min.)
Maps to the Stars by David Cronenberg (Canada, Germany, 112 min.)
Ping Pong Summer by Michael Tully (USA, 92 min.)
She’s Lost Control by Anja Marquardt (USA, 90 min.)
The Captive by Atom Egoyan (Canada, 113 min)
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Them by Ned Benson (USA, 123 min.)
The Homesman by Tommy Lee Jones (USA, 122 min.)
The Humbling by Barry Levinson (USA, 110 min.)
The Sleepwalker by Mona Fastvold (Norway, 92 min.)
The Sound and the Fury by James Franco (USA, 101 min.)
Two Step by Alex R. Johnson (USA, 93 min.)
Uncertain Terms by Nathan Silver (USA, 72 min.)
X/Y by Ryan Piers Williams (USA, 83 min.)

Asian Images

A Hard Day by Kim Seong-hun (South Korea, 111 min.)
Aberdeen by Ho-Cheung Pang (Hong Kong, 97 min.)
Black Coal, Thin Ice by Diao Yi’nan (China, 106 min.)
Brides by Tinatin Kajrishvili (Georgia, France, 94 min.)
Camera by James Leong (Singapore, Hong Kong, 95 min.)
Dukhtar by Afia Nathaniel (Pakistan, USA, Norway, 93 min.) Fantasia by Wang Chao (China, 85 min.)
Haemoo by Shim Sung-Bo (South Korea, 111 min.)
Hill of Freedom by Hong Sang-soo (South Korea, 66 min.)
I’m Not Angry! by Reza Dormishian (Iran, 110 min.)
Labour of Love by Aditya Vikram Sengupta (India, 84 min.)
Line of Credit by Salomé Alexi (Georgia, Germany, France, 85 min.)
Night Flight by Lee-song Hee-il (South Korea, 141 min.)
Partners in Crime by Jung-chi Chang (Taiwan, 89 min.)
Revivre by Im Kwon-taek (South Korea, 89 min.)
Sugarcane Shadows by David Constantin (Mauritius, 80 min.)
The Coffin in the Mountain by Xin Yukun (China, 119 min.)
The Divine Move by Jo Bum-Gu (South Korea, 118 min)
The Golden Era by Ann Hui (Hong Kong, 178 min.)
The Great Hypnotist by Leste Chen (China, 104 min.)
The Rice Bomber by Cho Li (Taiwan, 118 min.)
Today by Reza Mirkarimi (Iran, 87 min.)

Latin Visions

New features from Latin America, Portugal and Spain.
10.000 Km by Carlos Marques-Marcet (Spain, 99 min.)
Aire Libre by Anahí Berneri (Urugay, Argentina, 102 min.)
El Cinco by Adrián Biniez (Argentina, Uruguay, France, Netherlands, Germany, 100 min.)
El Niño by Daniel Monzón (Spain, 136 min.)
Gente de Bien by Franco Lolli (Colombia, France, 86 min.)
I am not Lorena by Isidora Marras (Chile, Argentina, 82 min.)
La Tirisia by Jorge Pérez Solano (Mexico, 110 min.)
Lulu by Luis Ortega (Argentina, 84 min.)
Magical Girl by Carlos Vermut (Spain, 127 min.)
Obra by Gregorio Graziosi (Brazil, 80 min.)
Pantanal by Andrew Sala (Argentina, 72 min.)
Praia do Futuro by Karim Ainouz (Brazil , 106 min.)
Quase Samba by Ricardo Targino (Brazil, 90 min.)
The Third Side of the River by Celina Murga (Argentina, 92 min.)
The Window by Rodrigo Susarte (Chile, 85 min.)
Voice Over by Cristián Jiménez (Chile, Canada, France, 99 min.)

Spotlight: Hope

Films that deal with and explore hope.
Barbarians by Ivan Ikic (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, 87 min.)
Desert Dancer by Richard Raymond (UK, 98 min.)
Fair Play by Andrea Sedlácková (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, 100 min.)
Insecure by Marianne Tardieu (France, 83 min.)
Lilting by Hong Khaou (UK, 86 min.)
May Allah Bless France! by Abd Al Malik (France, 96 min.)
Queens & Cowboys: A Straight Year on the Gay Rodeo by Matt Livadary (USA, 92 min.)
Self Made by Shira Geffen (Israel, 89 min.)
The Good Lie by Philippe Falardeau (USA, 112 min.)
The Narrow Frame of Midnight by Tala Hadid (Morocco, UK, Qatar, France, 93 min)
Trash by Stephen Daldry (UK, 114 min.)
Unforgiven: Rwanda by Lukas Augustin (Germany, 75 min.)
White God by Kornél Mundruczó (Hungary, Germany, Sweden, 119 min.)

Twilight Zone

The odd and experimental of the cinematic subcultures.
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night by Ana Lily Amirpour (Iran, USA, 99 min.)
A Hitman’s Solitude Before The Shot by Florian Mischa Böder (Germany, 82 min.)
Bilocation by Mari Asato (Japan, 119 min.)
Catch Me Daddy by Daniel Wolfe (UK, 111 min.)
Cub by Jonas Govaerts (Belgium, 85 min.)
Dyke Hard by Bitte Andersson (Sweden, 100 min.)
Fatal Frame by Mari Asato (Japan, 101 min.)
Impunity by Jyoti Mistry (South Africa, 88 min)
Mirage by Szabolcs Hajdu (Hungary, Slovakia, 90 min.)
Norway by Yannis Veslemes (Greece, 73 min.)
Reality by Quentin Dupieux (France, 87 min.)
Summer of Blood by Onur Tukel (USA, 86 min.)
The Editor by Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy (Canada, 102 min.)
The Midnight After by Fruit Chan (Hong Kong, 120 min.)
The Pool by Chris W. Mitchell (Netherlands, 80 min.)
The Word by Anna Kazejak (Poland, Denmark, 97 min.)
Waste Land by Pieter Van Hees (Belgium, 97 min.)
When Animals Dream by Jonas Alexander Arnby (Denmark, 84 min.)
WolfCop by Lowell Dean (Canada, 86 min.)
Wyrmwood by Kiah Roache-Turner (Australia, 92 min.)


Documentaries on controversial, personal and contemporary topics.
Beltracchi – The Art of Forgery by Arne Birkenstock (Germany, 98 min.)
Cain’s Children by Marcell Gerő (Hungary, France, 104 min.)
Captive Hearts by Joana Nin (Brazil, 77 min)
Cartoonists: Footsoldiers of Democracy? by Stéphanie Valloatto (France, 106 min.)
CJDG by Kersti Grunditz (Sweden, 85 min.)
Conquering China by Johan Jonason (Sweden, 70 min.)
Doc of the Dead by Alexandre O. Philippe (USA, 81 min.)
I am Femen by Alain Margot (Switzerland, 95 min.)
Mr leos caraX by Tessa Louise-Salomé (France, 72 min.)
My Life Directed By Nicolas Winding Refn by Liv Corfixen (Denmark, 58 min.)
NAS: Time Is Illmatic by One9 (USA, 74 min.)
Point and Shoot by Marshall Curry (USA, 83 min.)
Red Army by Gabe Polsky (USA, Russia, 85 min.)
SCUM by Andrea Edwards (Sweden, 59 min.)
Stray Dog by Debra Granik (USA, 105 min)
The Green Prince by Nadav Schirman (Germany, Israel, UK, 99 min.)
The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin by Nicholas Mross (USA, 96 min.)
The Salt of the Earth by Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, Wim Wenders (France, 110 min.)
Toto and His Sisters by Alexander Nanau (Romania, 94 min.)
Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger by Joe Berlinger (USA, 107 min.)

Stockholm XXV Short Film Competition

Competitive section for the latest short films.
8 bullets by Frank Ternier (France, 12 min.)
130919 • A Portrait of Marina Abramovic by Matthu Placek (USA, 7 min.)
April 4th 1968 by Myriam Gharbi (France, 24 min.)
As He Lay Falling by Ian Waugh (Scotland, UK, 19 min.)
Eye & Mermaid by Shahad Ameen (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, 14 min.)
Fe26 by Kevin Jerome Everson (USA, 7 min.)
Foreign Bodies by Laura Wandel (Belgium, 15 min.)
Listen by Rungano Nyoni, Hamy Ramezan (Denmark, 13 min.)
Man on the Chair by Dahee Jeong (South Korea, France, 7 min.)
Of God and Dogs by Abounaddara Collective (Syria, 12 min.)
Oh Lucy! by Atsuko Hirayanagi (Japan, Singapore, USA, 22 min.)
Take me by André Turpin, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette (Canada, 10 min.)
The Aftermath of the Inauguration of the Public Toilet at Kilometer 375 by Omar El Zohairy (Egypt, 18 min.)
The Baby by Ali Asgari (Iran, Italy, 15 min.)
The Chicken by Una Gunjak (Germany, Croatia, 15 min.)
The Encounter by Frieda Luk (Canada, 10 min.)
The Goat by John Trengove (South Africa, 13 min.)
Young Lions of Gypsy by Jonas Carpignano (Italy, France, 16 min.)

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