Thursday, October 16, 2014

Shifo foundation works for children´s health

On October 15th the Shifo Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, had a very good meeting to inform about its work in improving child health in resource poor settings and specifically in Uganda, Africa. Shifo was established in June 2013 and the organization is working with supporting nurses who deliver child health services in Uganda. 
Rustam Nabiev, Director of Shifo made a great presentation about Shifo´s work. He shared the vision of Shifo, showed photos from the project and video clip of the nurses who are working directly with the project and are using MyChild system which was developed by Shifo.
Rustam Nabiev, director of Shifo
It was a very good meeting with many guests. After the presentation the guests could use the MyChild system live. Profesors and students from Karolinska Institutet and hospital came to the meeting. 
A student said "It is very interesting project and I want to know more what they are doing in Africa" . 
The Shifo team talked with the guests, who were very interested to learn more about their work and impact, after the presentation.  Transparency is a core value in Shifo, where they track every krona and report back to the donors how their donation was spent and what impact it made, see example .

 Shifo needs supporters to increase its impact and bring MyChild system and underling infrastructure to more regions, which are in great need. It is not only organizations, companies who are supporting Shifo; there are also 205 individual donors and fundraiser who are greatly supporting Shifo.

 Julia Silvermane, designer in company with friends and Shifo´s team
If you want to be one of donors, you can read about the organization in Shifo´s website or you can contact Shifo directly in Stockholm.
Solidarity is needed between people. Now It is time to support the childrens in Mukona and other child  health clinics in Africa.

What people think about Shifo´s work

This meeting was in cooperation with Social Entrepreneurship Forum, Link to

THANK YOU all for organising this evening!

More photos from the meeting


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